11412211_10205390979508810_806762527279354810_nDeAnna Avis is an Essex and London based musician and composer.

DeAnna plays violin, guitar and traditional Mexican instruments including the vihuela and guitarron, and is a professional vocalist and freelance musician. Trained in the Suzuki method since the age of three, she takes a creative and relaxed approach to music and is very comfortable playing by ear and improvising. She is fluent in styles ranging from classical through to mariachi, Latin, Balkan / gypsy, bluegrass, rock and punk.

Her songs and recordings have been published through Bitterscene Records, Wrong Way Records and Roadkill records. She has done hundreds of live performances including The Dome Tufnell Park, 100 Bar Club in London, Fling Festival, Panic Awards, International Mariachi Festivals in New Mexico and Arizona, USA